The Best Chiropractor Brisbane CBD and What You Need to Know Before You Go

The Best Chiropractor Brisbane CBD and What You Need to Know Before You Go

Sep 06

Chiropractors can help you with muscle pain, tendon pain, and even joint pain. If you are looking for a chiropractor Brisbane CBD, Dr. Miki Humphrey is qualified professional and provides high-quality care to all of her clients. However, since many people have not visited a chiropractor before, they have no idea what they should expect. We will today share with you three things which you can expect when you’re seeing a chiropractor. These three tips will help you prepare yourself for your first appointment.

1. Be prepared for a physical exam

The first appointment at a chiropractor is generally pretty thorough. The chiropractor will conduct a physical exam which will help them identify the problem. It will help the doctor know where the pain is coming from. It might even involve some movements restricted by your family doctor. It is to help the doctor understand the extent of the problem. Since you will be doing them under supervision, there is nothing to worry. However, you have to be aware that the first appointment will involve a physical examination, and you have to be mentally ready for the same.

2. Your Insurance Might Cover Chiropractic Care

Before you head over for your appointment, it is a good idea to go through your insurance or Medicare policy. Many policies cover chiropractic care. Especially when you go with reputable options like Dr Miki Humphrey chances are your insurance policy will cover it. As a result, you can get reimbursement for the treatment.

On the other hand, if your Medicare policy does not cover chiropractic, it is advisable to request your chiropractor to charge you on a per-visit basis. Either way, you can go through with the treatment, but it is always better to check with your insurance company first.

If you’re living with back pain, finding a good chiropractor Brisbane CBD, is a great step towards treatment.

3. Not a One Session Wonder

Chiropractic care requires a few sessions to show results. In most cases, you will only go for it when you have an acute injury or a chronic problem. That is why; you cannot expect relief right in the first session. You will have to visit the chiropractor for at least a few weeks to witness some results. However, the frequency of the visits will eventually reduce, and once the treatment is over, you will not have to worry about extensive follow-ups either. So, you should not have any unrealistic expectations that you will see complete relief right in the first session.

If you are experiencing pain or tension in your life it will eventually impact your quality of life. It is not necessary to live your life in pain. Seeing a chiropractor is a great step towards living your life pain-free. If you are looking for a chiropractor Brisbane CBD that is well qualified and provides quality care, Dr. Miki Humphrey is a trusted health professional that can tend to your needs.

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