Brisbane City Shops Open After Work

Brisbane City Shops Open After Work

Jul 26

When your workday finishes at five and then you have to commute all the way home, the last thing that you want to do is go to the shops. If you want to keep your weekends for sleeping in and spending time with friends and family, you need to get the boring jobs like grocery shopping, and beauty appointments done at the Brisbane City shops during the week. Macarthur Central Shopping Centre now has a selection of stores open late on weeknights so you can go straight after work and relax when you get home.

These Brisbane City shops are now open late for your convenience.

1. Groceries

Shopping for groceries can be a stressful and time-consuming job. If you get a full weeks worth of groceries on the weekend you need to know what you’re going to have for dinner every night that week. If you just want to take it a few days at a time get your groceries at Woolworths in the Macarthur Central Shopping Centre. Now open till 9 pm, you can get everything you need for dinner that night or just some last-minute bits and pieces. If you want to take your purchases straight to the car, you can get one hour of free parking when you spend $40 at Woolworths.

2. Skin and Beauty

For all of your skincare, laser hair removal, and cosmetic service needs, Australian Skin Clinics is now open late so you can avoid the awkward explanation to your boss and book your appointment for after work. Getting your nails done has never been more convenient, now you and your friends can get your nails done after work and come to work the next day looking more stylish than ever. Brazillian Beauty also has a vast range of beauty services that are now available after your workday.

3. Everything Else!

If you need something, there is a pretty good chance you will find it at Big W. With product categories ranging from electronics to sports equipment to kids toys to pet accessories, Big W has everything you need and is now open late. Now open until 7 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 pm on Friday, you can pick up whatever last-minute things you need easily and conveniently after work at the Macarthur Central Shopping Centre. As a bonus, when you spend $65 or more you get one hour of parking at the Secure parking facility for free!

Everyone’s lives are busier than ever and when people are working long hours in the city they want ease and convenience to access things on their schedule. A selection of Brisbane City shops are now open late on weeknights so that people can run errands on a schedule that suits them. At Macarthur Central Shopping Centre shops like Big W, Woolworths, Brazillian Beauty and more are now open late to help people that need to do their shopping after work. Head down to Macarthur Central Shopping Centre tonight to check it out.

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