Get Warm This Winter at the Takapuna Shops

Get Warm This Winter at the Takapuna Shops

Jul 26

Takapuna is a coastal suburb located on the North Island of New Zealand and is an idyllic summer paradise. It’s a quick ten minute drive from the Aukland city centre and is a great place for visitors. Tourists in Takapuna love to hike the historic lava trail along the beach, visit the Sunday markets, and try their famous fish and chips. However, when winter comes around and it is too cold to go to the beach you can head to the Takapuna shops to stay warm. The Shore City Shopping Centre is the perfect place to go to escape the cold this winter. There is plenty to do to occupy your time including shopping, working out, and enjoying a warm meal.

1. Get a New Winter Wardrobe

The Shore City Shopping Centre is home to a great range of fashion boutiques and stores. With the latest range of styles shops like Farmers, Country Road, Just Jeans, and Cotton On have both business and casual styles for men, women, and kids so you can get a new winter wardrobe for the whole family, all in one place. Walking to and from all of the iconic shops found at this Takapuna Shopping Centre is sure to warm you up and provide you with stylish options to keep you warm this winter. Buy a new winter wardrobe – check out all of the latest styles with the range of fashion retailers at the Shore City Shopping Centre. See Country Road, Just Jeans, etc.

2. Sweat it Out

If shopping isn’t really your thing you can head to the gym to warm yourself up with an intense workout. The Les Mills Gym is found in the Shore City Shopping Centre and offers a huge selection of different exercise programs and classes. Founded by homegrown New Zealand Olympian Les Mills, the gym has become a classic Kiwi destination to help you get fit and have fun doing it. Les Mills is guaranteed to heat up your day with their expert trainers, top-of-the-line equipment, and impressive range of classes.

3. Get a Warm Meal

Once you’re finished shopping and sweating if you are still not warm enough head on over to one of Shore City’s great food venues for a delicious, hearty dish to warm you up from the inside out. Get a steaming cup of freshly made coffee from Cafe Etage, or a warming bowl of Sichuan flavoured beef noodle soup from The Lantern. If the weather is getting you down, this Takapuna shopping destination has a great range of food and drink options available to keep you warm this winter.

Grab a warm, hearty meal at the Takapuna Shops.

The Shore City Shopping Centre is the perfect destination for tourists and locals to visit this winter. These Takapuna shops have so many options for those wanting to update their wardrobe. With a mix of small boutiques and classic name brands, there is a great range of fashion for all different styles, ages, and budgets. The Les Mills gym is also conveniently located in the shopping centre allowing visitors to work out, and get their groceries all in one place. If you’re looking for some delicious food to warm you up, you can find a great selection of food and drink options throughout the centre.

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